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American crime story season 2--ragging is a big crime

This post is about a ragging . In our country, ragging has become a passion in all the universities. Senior ragging in colleges in all universities is understood as their work. 

This post has been written about what ragging is and how we can eliminate it from our schools.

What is a ragging? 

american crime story season 2

Whenever we go to a big college or university, we will often see the senior student there committing some kind of indecency with a junior student causing harassment and mental harassment to the junior student, this is called ragging.

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 Ragging means that when a senior student does a wrong thing to a junior student who does not like him, we can call it ragging. For example, having a junior student clean his shoes, press his feet to openly dance on the college ground. Has symptoms

Ragging is a big crime

You are reading this story in American crime story season 2- In this story, we will tell you the effects of ragging and ways to eliminate it.

Daheaj lena kanuni jurm he aage padhe?  At present, many students have lost their lives due to ragging but no solution has been found so far.In many schools, anti-ragging scots have also been made to eliminate ragging.

 Now we tell you how an innocent boy Johnson died due to ragging!

American crime story season 2--ragging is a big crime

 Johnson had just finished his 12th and he went on to further studies. Johnson was very weak in appearance and did not resist anything, so he got noticed by the senior one day with him. It happened that he thought it right to commit suicide. Let us tell you what happened to him.

 Johnson had his first day in college and this day was not going to go well. When he would see seniors ragging his juniors, then his number also came, but even a senior got an eye on him, he could not do anything like that. As seniors would say

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Johnson's senior first dressed him in girls' clothes and then got him dancing on college grounds. Johnson was a very good boy in studying but could not resist this due to his weakness and kept doing what his senior said.

 Johnson lost his life on the first day, as Johnson's confidence in his hand was completely exhausted, when I could not understand what to do and what not to do, nothing was coming to his mind but once he took care of his family, he again Dared to go to college the next day, he again encountered another senior boy on the second day.

 Today he was given a new task, he had to make 10 rounds of the college ground today, so he started doing the rounds doing nothing, due to the huge ground of the college, Johnson got tired and lay down in the same ground. It was evening Johnson came home. Johnson lived alone in the city, so he could not bear his pain with anyone

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Johnson thinks in my mind that if this happens then my studies will be ruined, that's why he went to the principal the next day and first complained to the principal, so when the seniors came to ragging him, the principal was caught red-handed and told him all the seniors Annoyed reached Johnson's room in the very evening. Johnson was cooking for himself. He forcefully opened the door of Johnson's room and got drunk. Turned out Johnson was sitting quietly on one corner, then grabbed Johnson in a senior and opened Johnson's mouth. Now Johnson also started drinking alcohol. Johnson was a good boy and did not drink. He tore her clothes and took naked pictures of her. The next day when she regained consciousness, she took a bath and went to college.

Johnson did not remember what happened to him and had no idea that his naked pictures were taken when he came the other day, still laughing after seeing him and he could not understand what happened when someone called him. If there is something on the notice board, he ran to the notice board, then he saw that his naked pictures became posters on the notice board.

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Now Johnson's senses flew away and he was very ashamed. At the same time he ran away from college and was crying a lot. Now he could not bear so much embarrassment and he decided to commit suicide. He gave up his life by hanging from the fan in the city. If no one knew about his life, no one knew about it!

 It was 2 days when no one saw Johnson, everyone started making plans to go to his house. As soon as he reached his room, he saw Johnson's body hanging from the fan. Post mortem was done, it was revealed that Johnson had committed suicide and he died 4 days ago. The reason for the suicide was now not known; it was discovered during the investigation that ragging was done in the college with Johnson, but there was no way that anyone could do anything.

 Johnson lost his life due to ragging

Conclusion of American crime story season 2--ragging is a big crime

American crime story season 2 - ragging is a big crime in this story of how ragging has killed an innocent boy johnson ragging is a big crime

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 Always senior ragging just for fun but it becomes a problem for the juniors and whose remedy is only death because on complaining to the principal the seniors beat and harass the juniors a lot on the streets or at home. Never complain to the principal

How can we eliminate crime like ragging?

To eliminate ragging we should make anti ragging scots in colleges

 The Principal of the college should keep a close watch on the college through CCTV so that the address of the principal is known to the Ragging anywhere.

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To eliminate ragging, anti-ragging campaigns should be started in colleges, the rest of the senior juniors should know what harm can be caused by ragging.

 The principal who is caught while ragging, the principal should charge him extremely fine so that he cannot make this mistake again.

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How can we eliminate schools from universities, but in your comments, you must give your suggestions in one comment or one of your suggestions can save a person's life and end the problem.

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